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My daughter loves Appu Series YouTube clips of nursery rhymes. I play it to her every day !!

- Baljeet Johal

You have great songs. Actually, the snowman face is very cute. My little son (9 months old ) likes this song and the snowman. Thank you so much for your great baby songs.

- Andam Bradosty

My 9-month-old girl absolutely loves this Ten Little Pigs - Nursery Rhyme. Thanks!!!

- James Bradley

My Son is a huge fan of all Appu Series Apps.

- Mouna

Your rhymes in YouTube is so good for children.

- Cornelia

My Son likes Appu Series videos in YouTube. Your site is perfect for other kids just like my son.

- Marina

My 13 months old daughter Maya loves your Nursery Rhymes Volume 1. She watches it all the time while eating. She says "Baa" from Baa baa black sheep rhymes. She makes spider motions for Eency Weency Spider and starts saying "Pa Pa/ Ha Ha" as Johhny Johnny starts. We listen to the other volumes too. We like the most of them.It always entertains my daughter.

- Monica

I find Appu Series are very useful tool in terms of teaching and learning. I want to introduce this method of teaching. Let me know if the Material contained in the textbooks has animated version. Then we can use in a visual reading method.

- Mir Aadil


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