Mathematics made easy only on Appuseries

Mathematics is a basic skill. It rates second only to language. Numbers quite literally add value to your words…It’s wise to start using them early on in school.

Cooking, building houses, rockets, computers, machinery you name it, all are governed by the principles of mathematics. Somebody had to work out the proportions on a paper before they materialized.  

Mathematics is a logical field that evolved alongside all other sciences. It is just as old as any religion or philosophy to form in this world. Most of the world’s monuments stand as testimony to the incredible mathematical prowess shown by their builders.

Not everybody is visual enough to grasp all of the subject’s concepts. Using just numbers and symbols to learn operations is no fun…There should be some perspective, a story with perhaps a mystery that needs to be solved. The subject needs to be perceptible.

Assessing a robbery scene using trigonometry is a lot more engaging that jotting down merely the angles and lengths of a triangle and fixing a formula to find the missing side.

Appu Series has mathematics from elementary level to high school level. The fluidity of animation renders the subject in its most perceptible form. The goal of all the chapters is to get children to look for more. There is some Vedic Math too…


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