Our Story

Appu Series, a young children’s animated learning platform, has achieved incredible visibility through our own YouTube Channel. With a subscriber base of over 1 million and more than 1 billion views, and content in 10 languages we have a strong following.

Who is Appu?

We created Appu at the request of millions of subscribers on our YouTube network who wanted to see our mascot in action.

Meet Appu. A yogic baby elephant with magical powers he can use through deep concentration and connection to his spirit family and forest home. In this series, Appu and his friends, including a little girl named Neena, solve problems, learn about the world and even travel the globe in search of knowledge, adventure and the joy of friendship.

“Google (YouTube) has been highly instrumental in initiating this project”

Appu is on TV

Appu is on Pogo, a Turner Network in India, Our mascot comes alive in a fantasy-based series in Ultra HD (52 X 11). This is the first time in India that an animated web series on YouTube has been syndicated by a major broadcaster.

“Appu has already won over people and is available on Amazon, Roku and various VOD Platforms”

What Next?

We are in the process of producing our first feature film with Appu and are seeking a partner who can help us with:

1. Co-production.
2. Distribution for India and the world over.
3. Licensing and Merchandising.

“Having achieved mass popularity, Appu is undeniably a profitable asset to align with”

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