Famous Tales from Around the World – DVD

Weight: 80 g | Dimensions: 19 x 13.5 x 1.5 in Languages

English & Hindi

10 Favourite animated tales in English and Hindi.
Every culture in every corner of the world has its own tradition of story-telling that has been passed on for centuries. Ten of the most well-known stories from all over the world are presented in this collection of the Appu Series.
The titles in this collection include classics from Aesop’s Fables, Arabian Tales, Fairy Tales and the Hitopadesha. Entertainingly narrated in both English and Hindi, this bilingual CD encourages language development in childhood, and also makes the experience of listening to stories more enjoyable for your child by offering popular stories in a familiar language.
With colourful animation and captivating narration, the Appu Series of books and AV entertainment brings to life works from all around the world. Truly an experience your child will cherish for a lifetime!
Dynamic Language Switching Option:
For the first time in india, we have included two languages in one DVD. The user can change the voice from English to Hindi and vice versa by pressing on the Audio/Language button on the DVD player remote control.
Includes 10 stories:
äó¢ŒæSour Grapes
äó¢ŒæA Bad Dinner
äó¢ŒæFisherman and the Jinn
äó¢ŒæThe Hunt for the Camel
äó¢ŒæThe Shoemaker & the Elves
äó¢ŒæThe Ugly Duckling
äó¢ŒæSleeping Beauty
äó¢ŒæThe Proud Crow
äó¢ŒæThe Wicked Raven
äó¢ The Wise Rat

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