The Best of Akbar and Birbal – DVD

Weight: 80 g | Dimensions: 19 x 13.5 x 1.5 in Languages

English & Hindi

10 favourite animated tales of akbar and birbal in English and Hindi.
Birbal was one of the ‘nine jewels’ in Emperor Akbar’s court. Stories of his wit and wisdom are legendary and have entertained generations.
In this collection, we see some of the best instances of the humorous exchanges between Akbar and Birbal, as well as cases of Birbal using his famous intelligence to help the people of the kingdom. Entertainingly narrated in both English and Hindi, this bilingual CD encourages language development in childhood, and also makes the experience of listening to stories more enjoyable for your child by offering popular stories in a familiar language.
The Appu Series consists of beautifully animated and captivatingly narrated stories which bring to life traditional wisdom from all around the world. Give your child an experience to cherish for a lifetime!
Dynamic Language Switching Option:
For the first time in india, we have included two languages in one DVD. The user can change the voice from English to Hindi and vice versa by pressing on the Audio/Language button on the DVD player remote control.
Includes 10 stories:
äó¢ŒæAkbar and Birbal are Greedy
äó¢ŒæAkbar Says ‘No’
äó¢ŒæThe Butcher and the Grain Merchant
äó¢ŒæThe Greatest of them All
äó¢ŒæThe Persian Minister’s Test
äó¢ŒæThe Price of a Sweet Smell
äó¢ŒæThe Problem of the Mango Tree
äó¢ŒæThe Sparrows of Agra
äó¢ŒæThe Unlucky Face
äó¢ŒæThe Water in the Well

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