Proverbs! See how you can use them

Experience is the best teacher. When the experienced decide to put their knowledge in words that’s when you get ready-to-gobble capsules of truth.

Proverbs make an interesting subject of how some subtle and profound experiences in life can be phrased in less than 15 words. They are adorned by metaphors. They certainly give you something to think about and to relate to.

“A stitch in time saves nine”

What a buzzing effect it has! It’s simple and practical. The beauty lies in both the way words are strung and the sage guidance.

Wolfgang Meider and Deborah Holmes from the University of Vermont studied this carefully.In their work, “Children and proverbs speak the truth: teaching proverbial wisdom to fourth graders” published in the year 2000, speak in length about the role of proverbs in education.

 This is also the first introduction to poetic forms. Ones that materialized organically and passed down for generations.

Appu Series banks on these one-lined wonders. They are transformed into animations where they give more than just practical tips… they state truth.



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