Tales grow longer with age!

Memories, knowledge and wisdom get passed down through stories. Emotions expressed in the rawest to the most sublime form, tinted by the environment and the relationship one has with the environment, telling tales is an art one should be raised on. Appu Series delves into the power of stories and importance of tapping into them.

Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and teachers are the first storytellers in a child’s life. Stories speak volumes on human experiences. It is vital to grow up with them. Purely imaginative, they spark the creativity in a child who starts understanding sequences of events, recalls them and spins them around to make myriads of versions.

Appu Series has presented numerous such narratives within India and from around the world for the younger generation. Our anthology includes a large bandwidth of stories. Classics, folklores, fairytales, legends fables and a lot more genres find place in our catalogue.  Aesop’s fables, fairy tales, Arabian nights, Tenaliraman, Akbar and Birbal, Hitopadesha, Panchatantra and Jataka tales to name a few.

Each of these collections has gone through ages of metamorphosis. Carefully compiled by emperors and poets for generations, translated into different languages, these verses and narratives have been preserved for their significance. We believe it’s our duty to present them to the future generations.

You can weave a story around anything. There is more than enough yarn… your creativity is the limit! Fables with a jungle of talking and scheming animals; a beanstalk growing up to the sky; a pumpkin turning into a chariot; a boy whose nose grows with every little lie and so many more that grab your fancy—the range is spectacular.

Appu Series attempts to present all of these in their absolute glory, as they play a crucial role in developing a child’s understanding of the world around. The tales must go on and nurture many more young minds to come.

To watch some of these captivating tales, visit www.youtube.com/appuseries  


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