ABC Song – Alphabet in 3D

There can never be too many alphabet songs. The more there are the more you fall in love with the magic they create. Appu, Neena and Tiger open up a box to find the 26 precious letters that make up the English alphabet… Do you want to know what they have to say about all the sounds and words that they make? Just play the song, and sing along.

Neena: Hey, look what i’ve found.

Appu: What do you think is inside?

Neena: I have no idea, what do you say! should we open it?

Neena: Alright! Here i go, Hey who are you.

Alphabets: We are English alphabets.

Neena: Wow… good to meet you, this is Appu, this is Tiger and i am Neena, will you be friends with us?

Alphabets: Ohh! Yes, we would love that.

Appu: That’s wonderful, then please introduce yourself to us.

Alphabets: Sure


A, A, A, I am A,
I am for Ant, A what I say is,
Your name Appu, starts with me,
Also Apple that grows on a tree


B, B, B, I am B,
Box and Butterfly start with me,
I say ‘Buh’,
I’m also for ball,
That you love to play with big or small



C, C, C, C,
I am the letter C,
I am for cow,
I make the ‘kuh’ sound,
Say it now.



D, D, D, I am D,
I am for Dragon, scary as can be,
I make the ‘duh’ sound, as in dolphin,
Seen in the blue sea quiet often.



E, E, E, I am E,
I say ‘Eeh’ – Elbow starts with me,
I am for Egg and Elephant too,
I’m Surely know me well, Appu.



F, F, F, F, I am the letter F,
I say ‘fuh’ as in myself,
I am for feather and for fox,
And Fish and for frog.



G, G, G,I am the letter G,
I say ‘guh’ I am for green,
I also say ‘juh’ as in gem,
And giraffe, who are taller than men.



H, H, H, is what i am called,
I say ‘huh’ as in horn and hog,
I am for horses that eat Hay,
I am for hat wear on a sunny day.



I, I, I, my name is I,
In ice cream I say ‘I’,
In Igloo I say ‘ee’,
India and Ink start with me.



J, I’m the letter J,

I say ‘juh’ as in jar,
I am for Jelly and for jam,

And Jeep to drive very far.



K, K, K, K, I am the letter K,
‘kuh’ is what i say,
I am for kangaroo, and for kitten,
And for kettle and for kitchen.



L is my name,
For the lion with the mane,
I make the ‘luh’ sound,
As in lamb,
And for leaf and lamp.



M, I am the letter M,
I am for Mother, mat and Men,
I say ‘muf’ as in muffin,
That Mamma gives with my Tiffen.



N, N, my name is N,
I am for Neck and the nose of men,
I say ‘nuh’ as nest,
I am for nurse, needle and net.



O, O, O, I am O,
I say ‘O’ that rhymes with no,
As in ox I say ‘aw’ too,
I am for Octopus with eight legs not two.



P, P, P, P,
I am the lettter P,
‘Puh’ is what I say,
I am for pencil and for pen too,

You use them everyday.



Q, Q, I am Q,
I say ‘qua’ as in que,
The letter, ‘u’always follows me,
Without ‘U’ I cannot be.



R, R, I am the letter R,
I am for rainbow that so very far,
‘Rah’ is the sound that I make,
I am for road and for a rake.



S, S, S, I am S,
I am for sun that sets in the west,
‘Suh’ is the sound that I make,
As in song, star and snake.



T, T, T, I am T,
I am for Time and the number three,
I say ‘tuh’ as in Tea pot,
Also for train Tractor and top.



U, U, I am U,
For Umbrella Green red and blue,
I say ‘aah’ as in uncle,
I also say ‘U’

U for unicycle,



V, V, V, V, V,
My name is V,
‘Vuh’ is what I say,
For the violin that I love to play,



W, I am W,
I say ‘wuh’ let me tell you,
I am for worm, whale and wagon,
Watch, witch and watermelon,



X, X, I am the letter X,
I’m for x-mas I make sound X,
I’m also for xylophone,
Play it when you’re alone.



Y, Y, Y, I am Y,
I say ‘yuh’ I know not why,
I am for yolk found in eggs,
I am for you and your yellow dress.



Z, Z, Z, is my name,
My sound ‘zuh’ is always the same,
I’m for zig-zag, zip and zoo,
And for zero and zebra too.



Neena: It was so wonderful to meet you, can i take you all home?

Alphabets: Oh! Certainly

Tiger: Yeepee!

Neena: Great let’s go then!

Alphabets: Please let us get in our box first or we shall be lost.

Appu: Certainly ‘A’, Don’t worry, you’ll all be safe with us.

Alphabets: Bye! friends, See you tomorrow.


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