Alphabet Song

Singing is an easier and quicker way to learn the alphabets… Here is a fun song that you’ll simply love! Play and sing it out loud! Here is the Alphabet Song.

“A” is for Apple,
“B” is for Ball,
“C” is for Cat, la, la, la…
“D” is for Dog,
“E” is for Elephant,
“F” is for Fish, la, la, la…
“G” is for Goat,
“H” is for Horse,
“I” is for Igloo, la, la, la…
“J” is for Joker,
“K” is for King,
“L” is for Lion, la, la, la…
“M”, “N”, “O”, “P” for Monkey,
Nose, Orange, Pea,
“Q”,”R”,”S”,”T” for Queen, Rose,
“U” for Umbrella,
“V” for Van,
“W”,”X”,”Y”,”Z” for Watch, X-ray,
Yellow, Zoo.
It’s  nice to learn all ABC’s in
different tune.
La, la, la, la, la, la…
Sugar, Tea.

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