An Architect – Rhymes on Profession

Who comes to your mind when you look at incredibly beautiful buildings? An architect! There is so much of work that goes into bringing such structures to stand the test of time. Hours of designing, sketching and a lot more! Here is a song that tells you all about what an architect does, eveyday!

An architect is what I am.


I may be a woman or a man.


I design buildings for you,

With many storeys or just a few.



Cottages, hospitals and schools,

Offices, hotels and swimming pools.

Gardens, theatres, stadiums too,

Skyscrapers touching the sky so blue!



I study my clients’ needs,

Only then do I proceed.

Efficiently I use space and light,

And ventilation at the site.

With different textures and colors,

And materials I do wonder.



For years I study architecture.

I practice planning and drawing structures.

With engineers I work hand in hand,

Construct buildings on hills and land.

The placing of skylights and doors,

The number and size of windows!




The splendid churches with their steeples,


The Taj Mahal so loved by people,

The castles and monasteries too,

That are sure to astonish you,

Burj Al Arab, that is the world’s pride,

With wonder, will leave you wide-eyed.

All these great buildings that you see,

Have indeed been designed by me!

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