Apple – Fruit Rhyme

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and who doesn’t love a scrumptious pie made out of the fruit! Here is a rhyme that talks about all the goodness an apple has in it!

I’m a fruit that’s firm, crisp and juicy,

Eat me fresh with my peel, don’t be too choosy!

My shape is round, my colour’s red or green,

In tiny pockets in me, a few seeds are seen.


I’m rich in fiber and nutrients they say,

Eat me every day to keep the doctor away!

My name’s the first word taught with the alphabet,

Newton learnt why things fall when I fell on his head.


I grow in places neither too hot nor cold,

Dishes are made from me, hot and cold!

Mom calls her baby ‘The apple of her eye’

Without me there can’t be an apple pie!!!

Chorus :  Dear apple, of your pies, we are great fans !!!

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