Apricot – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Apricot is something you can have dried or fresh, and there are a gazillion sweet dishes that it can effortlessly blend into. It adds a lot of nutritive value too… Just watch this song to know what an amazing fruit it is!

I come from the family of stone fruits,

I look like a peach, we’re both called drupes,

But for a peach don’t take me please,

We are different as chalk and cheese!


I am smaller with a smoother skin,

Like a peach, my seed is a great medicine!


My orange-yellow skin has short hairs,

And may be tinted pink here and there,

My pulp is firm and sour-sweet,

Enclosed in a stone like shell is my seed.


I taste delicious whether  fresh or dried,

I am most recommended by every health-guide!


My Vitamin A improves eyesight,

Infections, my Vitamin C  does fights,

My fibre keeps blood sugar under control,

In growth, my minerals play a big role!




Have me for a glowing skin and healthy hair,

But I may cause allergy so you must beware!


With me ever so many dishes are made,

My puddings and pies taste top grade,

My jams, salads, jellies and punch,

Can add fun to your breakfast and lunch!


In cool places, I do grow  well,

What fruit am I, can you tell?


You’re an apricot and you are swell!

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