Auto rickshaw – Vehicle Rhyme

Auto Rickshaws are Asian superstars! Tuk-tuk is another name that they go by… They are surely the cutest taxis in the world. Their bumper stickers, beetle like shape, teeny-tiny wheels and a cute little roofs all put together spell out the words the most adorable automobile of all! Here is a song that tells you all about this Pan Asian automobile!

Auto rickshaw is my name;

In Asia, I am of great fame;

I’m also seen in Africa,

Italy and South America!


A three-wheeler or a baby taxi,

A tuk-tuk or a moto-taxi,

I’m known by many different names,

And may look different or quite the same!



My front seat is for my driver,

My rear seat is for passengers.

I can seat as many as three,

But a six-seater I may also be!

I run on diesel, petrol or gas;

A meter, I may or may not have.

I may or may not have any doors,

Just pull my curtains when the rain pours!


Hire me for a nice, quick ride,

When the bus simply doesn’t arrive,

When you are too tired to walk,

Or need to rush to the doc!



On wide roads or in narrow lanes,

I ride happily and don’t complain.

Ride me to the market, office or school,

Let in the air when it’s fresh and cool!


Ride me anytime, anywhere,

But don’t forget to pay the fare!

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