Avacado – Fruit Rhymes in Ultra HD (4K)

Yum, yum, yummy! Avacado is something that’s butter, smooth and sumptuous… A pot of guacamole, and a bag of tortillas spells nothing but a party… What do you need to for all the buttery crispy goodness? Avocado of course!

I’m actually a berry though I don’t look like one,

From Mexico and Central America I come,

“I’m a powerhouse of nutrients”, I say this with pride,

I’m known as one of the superfoods worldwide!


I’m harvested when I am unripe,

As only off my tree I turn ripe,

In a tropical climate I like to grow,

I have less tolerance to cold and snow!!


I’m mostly green, sometimes black skinned,

I’ve a big brown seed that mustn’t be binned,

I’m oval or round or shaped like a pear,

One of my names is ’alligator pear’!


I’ve plenty of Vitamin C and B6,

They give wounds and weak gums a good fix,

With good fats, vitamins and fibre, I am full,

For my Potassium, you’ll be grateful!


My soft yellow pulp is ever so creamy,

In salads, soups and dips, you’d often see me,

Don’t take me for a vegetable; I am a fruit,

Name me; for butter I’m a good substitute!


You’re an avocado alias butterfruit!!

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