Bat Rhymes, Bat Animal Rhymes Videos for Children

Bat rhyme & video for children to learn about bat. Watch this lovely kids’ rhyme on bats. Bats! Alright, there is something highly important that these tiny creatures taught our scientists… The basics of ultrasonic sound! Watch this song to get close and personal with this mamal.

I’m a mammal that can fly,

I am not a bird,

Neither blind as you might have heard.

I am called a bat,

Like a flying mouse I look,

I live in trees, tunnels, caves and nooks!


My wings are modified forelimbs

Webbed with a skin,

I give birth to a pup, single or twin!

With my sharp teeth on fruits,

Fish and insects I feed,

Of me, there are over a 1000 species indeed!


I hang upside down,

By my little feet,

In my roost all day I sleep,

In winters I hibernate,

Around myself my wings I wrap,

I squeeze cozily into hollows and gaps.

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