Bear – Animal Rhyme

Bear rhyme & video for children to learn about bear. Watch this lovely kids’ rhyme on bears. Bears! The most endearing and fuzzy looking animals in the world! Listen to this song to know how special they are. You’ll love them even more.

I’m a big, furry mammal called a bear.

I’ve brown, black or white shaggy hair.

My brothers are pandas and the polar bear.

Kids love me as their ‘Teddy Bear’!

I’m also known as ‘Winnie the Pooh’; I’m a part of fairy tales too!!


I have a very good sense of smell,

A good sight and hearing sense as well.

I’m a swimmer, climber and a runner swell,

Alone I like to dwell.

I live in forests dense! In burrows and caves and dens!


On my hind legs, I can stand upright.

I am docile, but can give you a fright.

To protect my babies, I can fight.

My claws are sharp, alright?

All round the winter I sleep;  When I wake I’m about on my feet!!


Pandas eat mostly bamboo shoots,

But I feast on fish, honey, nuts and fruits,

I hunt small animals, also eat roots.

Seeing me, all animals scoot.

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