Beetroot – Vegetable Rhyme

Beetroot! Yummy and so colourful too. Have some of this sweet vegetable any way you want.

I am the bulbous root,

The reddish-purple beetroot,

I grow under the ground,

As a colorant I’m renowned!

I make all your dishes colorful and bright,

But don’t think I’m a turnip, when you see me in white!


My long stalks are a purple or green,

My big leaves are a bright green,

They are nutritious too,

Have them in salads and stews.

Have me steamed or raw, grated or diced,

Have my juice weekly, once, twice or thrice.


In minerals I am wealthy,

And fiber so healthy!

I give you energy,

Of infections keep you free!

I am full of vitamins especially folate,

To treat heart diseases and anemia I’m great!

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