Bicycle – Vehicle Rhyme

There is one thing that a bicycle spells and rings out loud and clear: Clean Energy! It is not only good for the environment, it’s good for you too! Take a long ride and see how much happier and lighter it makes you feel! Here is a bicycle rhyme that teaches you all you need to about the vehicle.

I was made in Europe long ago,

Then the world began to love me so,

I’m called a bicycle or a bike,

Just pedal me whenever you like.

Balancing me on my two wheels,

Just needspractice and is no big deal,

Through any city or village street.


You can ride me through very narrow lanes,

And avoid traffic jams that are a pain

As you ring my bell that goes ‘ting-a-ling’

I am so very handy and so light,

For every season I am right,

Riding me is a great exercise,

You will use me more if you are wise,


I’m very easy to maintain,

Just oil all my parts time and again,

Fill plenty of air in my tyres,

And service oftenall my wires.


I need no special fuel to run,

Just some effort which is great fun,

I am not too fast I do agree,

But I keep the air pollution free!


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