Blueberry – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Pretty blue and purple! Shiny and every bit juicy. Blueberry muffins, cakes and tarts are becoming immensely famous, why? The fruit has a lot to give! Here is a song that tells you all about what it comes packed with.

I’m a berry that’s purplish blue,
To my colour my name is true,
Make sure to eat oodles of me,
So you’ll never feel blue!


All over little shrubs,
In thick clusters I grow,
From flowers that are bell-shaped and,
Pink or white as snow.


My size may vary from,
A pea to a marble,
I’m a ball that wears a tiny crown,
Isn’t that a marvel?


My semi-transparent flesh,
Is tangy and mildly sweet,
My seeds are so very tiny,
They go unnoticed by your teeth!


For a good memory and skin,
For my anti-cancer properties,
For my fibre, Vitamin K and C,
Have me in large quantities!


To North America,
I owe most of my fame,
In producing me, it ranks first,
Tell me, do you know my name?


You’re the one and only blueberry,
And a superfood we proclaim!

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