Boat – Vehicle Rhyme

Boats are one of the oldest vehicles ever to set afloat. There are a wide range of water bodies that they float on, rivers, large lakes, seas, canals and many more. Here is a song that tells you all you need to know about this amazing vehicle.

I’m a water vehicle that is age-old.

Of my sailors many tales have been told.

I’m none other than the famous boat.

In shallow and deep waters I float!


I sail across rivers, seas and lakes.

I brave dangerous storms for your sake.

I’m anchored in docks, harbors or ports,

Or simply parked on the coast!


I am mostly made of wood,

And designed to float as I should.

I also use metals and fiberglass,

To make me stronger so that I last!


I’m powered by the wind when I have sails,

So I can drift with fishes and whales.

Paddle me with your feet or row me with oars,

Use an engine to sail to distant shores!


I come in many types – old and new,

A houseboat, a yacht, a raft and canoe.

A bow, hull and keel are some of my parts,

Building me is quite an art!


I ferry people and cargo to ports.

I’m used for recreation and sports,

Also for diving, fishing and trade,

To serve the navy too, I’m not afraid!

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