Bottle gourd – Vegetable Rhyme

A bottle gourd is such a refreshing vegetable! It’s full of water with a host of different minerals… Play the video to know more about this fantastic vegetable!

Of a bottle I remind you,

To my name I’m quite true.

My skin is light green in hue,

I’m called a bottle gourd.


Calabash, is my alias name.

To keep you healthy is my aim!


From vines like bottles I hang down,

I’m also grown on the ground.

Sometimes in shape I am round,

But mostly I’m long.


I grow from delicate flowers white,

My flesh and seeds are soft and white!


Have me in the form of creamy soups,

For weight loss is great my juice.

From me desserts are made too,

And curries and snacks!


In taste I am quite bland,

But easy on your digestive glands!


Ulcers, acidity I treat,

The heat in summers I beat.

Nervous diseases I defeat,

You’ll gain much if you have me!!!

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