BUS – Vehicle Rhyme

Here is a fun song on bus! A fun ride that we all love to go on… This tells you ALL you need to know about this fantastic automobile. Watch, learn the song and sing your heart out!

Hello there everyone;

I am a bus.

Come with me, but don’t make a fuss.

I halt at every stop as I go,

I run only on my route you know!


I carry many passengers,

Nurses, teachers and managers.

I pick and drop them as I go,

On my way to and fro!


I am a cuboid and quite long,

I have a horn that goes pom-pom,

Also a bell that says ting-ting,

That only my conductor can ring!!


I drop and pick you up from school,

And take you to places hot and cool.

To the market, station and zoo,

Across the city and the country too!


I have seats on my left and right,

To sit on them, you mustn’t fight.

At bus-stops, always stand in a queue,

Whether you are many or few!


Are fuels that give me energy.

Single or a double-decker, I’m so cool,

I’m indeed a precious jewel!


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