Capsicum – Vegetable Rhyme

Capsicum is a veggie that makes you go ‘yum’. It’s also called bell peppers. You know why? It’s shape says it all! Add to your salads and to get that punch!

Bell pepper or capsicum is my name,

I’m bell shaped; all over the world is my fame,

I first grew in Mexico and South America,

My seeds were carried to Europe, Asia, and Africa!


I can be identified from my smell,

My bright colours, on you will cast a spell,

I come in orange, green and red and yellow,

My skin is glossy, inside I am hollow!


I’m light in weight, with tiny, flat seeds in me,

When I’m fresh, crisp, juicy you must pick me,

Add me a plenty to pizzas, pastas and pies,

In Chow Mein too my value is very high!


I’m a very rich source of Vitamin C,

Many minerals and vitamins abound in me,

Steam me, bake me, fry me lightly in a pan,

To preserve my nutrients, cook me as less as you can!

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