Car – Vehicle Rhyme

Zoom, vroom, zoom! Here is a car song that’s bound to make you go all around moving like a car. There are a gazillion designs made everyday… Cars are artworks of their own right! Watch this rhyme to know more about cars!

I am called a car, or a motor car.

On your roads, I am quite a star.

Drive me to a nearby park or bazaar,

Or to places very far!


I come in every color, that a paint box has.

I run on petrol, diesel or gas.

Driving me is lots of fun indeed,

But drive me only in need!


I have four wheels, that go round and round,

A steering wheel move me around,

Many switches, gears, and machines are my parts,

But the engine is my heart!


Use my wipers, when the rain pours down,

My seat-belts, to keep you safe and sound,

Only when you must, my horn you may beep,

In my boot, your things you may keep!


Mercedes and Porsche are two of my brands.

A Ferrari has ever so many fans.

In style and luxury, I am supreme,

To own me is everyone’s dream!

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