Cashew Apple – Fruit Rhyme

A fruit that has a nutty core that we all go nuts for. Cashews! The fruit is just as divine. Take a bite into it, have it however you want– as juice, pulp or in ice creams. Here is a song that tells you things you need to know about the fruit.

I’m a fruit that grows in the tropical zone,

With two distinct parts having a taste of their own,

It was in Brazil that I was first grown,

To the world,  the Portuguese made me known!


I grow from delicate pink  flowers,

On evergreen trees forming lovely bowers,

My yellow-red flower stalks form a false fruit,

At its base is my seed that is my true fruit!


My false fruit is shaped as a bell,

It’s juicy, sweet and fragrant as well,

Its Vitamin C fights diseases like the flu,

In burning fat it is effective too!


Known as a nut is my kidney shaped seed,

It gives all the nourishment you would need,

It’s delicious and full of potassium,

Fat, protein, iron, magnesium!


So fresh is the taste of my jelly and juice ,

The shell of my nut has industrial use,

My creamy nut is loved in sweets, curries, tarts,

Name me if you are really smart!

Oh cashew we love you with all our heart,

Cashew apple and cashew nut are your parts!

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