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Cat rhyme & video for children to learn about cats. Watch this lovely kids’ rhyme on Cat. Cats! Some meow and some ROOOOAR! Big or small, when they’re happy they purr! Here is a song on cats. It tells you all you need to know about them!

I am a stealthy cat;

I love to hunt rats,

I have very soft fur,

I mew, growl and purr,

Very quietly I move around,

Without making the slightest sound,

When I jump I always land on my feet,

And that’s a great feat.


In the night I see very well;

I am a tree climber swell,

I like to be on my own,

My idleness is well-known,

I love to bask in the shade and sun;

I save my energy for my hunts,

I stretch lazily and curl in your lap,

For nice and long naps.


I so love milk and fish;

I lick up * my whiskers and dish,

My eyes shine in the night,

When I feel friendly my tail’s upright,

My sweet little kittens win every one’s hearts,

With them kids simply cannot part,

When I’m around all the mice will flee,

As a pet why not keep me?

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