Cauliflower – Vegetable Rhyme

Cauliflowers have florets in them that are rich in minerals! It’s a vegetable that you need to develop a taste for. Go get one and experiment with different recipes and don’t forget to include it in your meals! Also this is one flower you cannot keep in a vase… Agreed, a poor joke, but seriously, it looks like a huge orchid doesn’t it?

I’m the vegetable cauliflower,

Packed in leaves, resembling a big flower,

I grow from seeds, I am mostly white,

But purple, green or yellow too you may sight!


I have many flowerets in me,

Broccoli is my cousin you see.

Eat me raw in salads or cook me in rice,

Roasted, fried and stewed too,

I taste very nice!


I have plenty of fiber and vitamin C,

Other vitamins, minerals too abound in me.

I keep you fit by fighting many a disease,

Have lots of me, now will you please?

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