Chef – Rhymes on Profession

Bon Appetite! One person who wishes your tummy is full and you have the yummiest feast for a meal. Chefs, all over the world, work non-stop. They get their work done chop-chop, because they always have hungry mouths to feed.

I’m a professional cook called a chef,

Of a kitchen I am the head.

Through your stomach, I find my way,

Into your hearts, is what they say!



In a kitchen all day till late I sweat.

Over the dishes that I cook, I fret.

In aroma, color, texture and taste,

Whatever I cook is simply great!




I wear a coat that’s usually white,

An apron and a hat that fits me right.

I work mainly behind the scene,

So in public I’m rarely seen!

For many years I train very hard,

To learn and master the culinary art.

To perfect peeling, chopping and grating,

Stuffing, frying, blanching and baking!




From the first course of the meal to the last,

I prepare and serve it with a class.

From common to exotic dishes,

I cook whatever my customer wishes!





I may have helpers more than nine.

Yet to breathe, I barely have time.

To remember this, I always try,

Too many cooks may spoil the pie!

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