Cherry – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Cherry is a fruit that has a stone at it’s heart… It’s hard! Its that stony little thing that breaks open and grows out from the ground. Watch this rhyme that shows you the whole process… Most importantly what the fruit holds in it as nutrients!

I’m a fruit that’s small, fleshy and red,

I was discovered by the Romans it is said,

I’m from the family of peaches and plums,

No wonder I taste so yum!



My flesh is sour-sweet and juicy,

My skin is thin and so very glossy,

Inside me I have just one hard seed,

To grow my tree, that’s what you’d need.




In little bunches you’ll see me grow,

When I’m fresh, to me you’d never say no,

My pretty flowers have pink or white petals,

So my trees look ornamental!






I am so full of Vitamin C,

Fibre and Potassium abound in me,

My antioxidants make you stronger,

And your life much longer!




I’m the one who garnishes your puddings and cakes,

I love being a part of ice-creams and shakes,

Have me in plenty to fill your belly,

Name me; I’m the one who makes you merry!

Chorus: You’re none other than the wonderful cherry!



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