Coconut – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

There is a fruit that’s as refreshing as the deep blue sea, and guess what’s more exciting? It grows in tropical beaches! Coconut is versatile. Eat it as a fruit, garnish your savouries, make tons of sweets! There is no end to it’s culinary repertoire. It stars in almost all kinds of dishes. Here is a song that tells you all about the goodness that’s locked in the fruit.

I’m a fruit that grows on palm trees,

In tropical regions on the coast of seas,

My trees are ever so tall and wear,

A crown of long leaves high in the air!!


In shape I am oval or round,

In bunches I grow, high above the ground,

Each and every part of my tree and me,

Is as useful as it can be!


I’ve a shell that’s brown and rather hard,

It’s used as fuel and to make handicrafts,

It’s covered by fibrous husk and choir,

That’s used to make things you require!


When green, I’m filled with tender  white meat,

And refreshing water to beat the heat,

My meat is my only edible part,

Its taste will simply win your heart!!



I make stews and deserts so creamy,

When garnished with me, dishes look dreamy,

I taste scrumptious whether fresh or dried,

In my oil yummy crisps are fried!


My nutritive value is very high,

Fiber, fats, minerals, vitamins I supply,

From your diet I must never be cut,

Name me after you’ve had my doughnut!!


You’re not a nut but a coconut!


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