Construction mason – Rhymes on Profession

Construction Masons are an unsung heroes. You have such smooth walls all around you because, somebody took all the pain to set bricks one on top of the other, sealed it with cement, and set it so that it stays strong. Here is a song that tells you all about what masonry involves… Play it!

A construction mason is what I am called.

It’s because of me that houses have walls,

I’m a bricklayer who makes your dreams come true,

By building dream houses for you!



I follow every builder’s instructions,

And build walls at sites of construction.


One on top of another I lay bricks,

Behind tall buildings, that’s the trick!



With cement I pack bricks or concrete blocks,

So the walls are solid and strong as rocks.

I work with stone, tiles and glass too,

I repair buildings to make them look new!



A level, a trowel, a mason’s line,





Are my tools that make my work so fine.

I work fearlessly on great heights,

Although in danger always is my life!




For I simply must earn my pay.

Whenever a beautiful building you see,

Besides the builder do think of me!



Our mother earth is so full of beauty,

To preserve it is our duty.

Let’s not turn it into a jungle of cement,

Or we just might have to repent!


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