Cow Animal Rhyme, Cow Videos for Children

Cow videos for children to learn about cow! Watch this lovely animal rhyme on cow! Cows are one of the longest known animals to be reared by humans… We share a history of over a couple of millennia!

Do you like butter and cream,

Puddings, shakes and ice-creams,

Yoghurt and cheese?

I’m a cow,

I give you milk, so you can have all these!


I live on a dairy farm,

I am docile and calm,

I call you with a moo,

I love to graze on fresh, green grass,

But eat oilseeds too!


I’ve gentle, loving eyes,

A tail to ward off flies,

Beware of my horns,

My calves look so very loveable,

When they are freshly born.

Very useful is my waste,

For plants it’s a manure great,

With love and care treat me!

In some places I’m worshipped as a mother you see!

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