Cranberry – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Cranberry is one of the best superfoods out there. You’ve gotta love these tiny red berries. They come in the loveliest of reds! Oh just be careful when you have them, don’t let the juice drip on to your clothes… It’s painful to remove it’s stains. Get ready to listen to a song on this wonder fruit.

I may be just another berry out of many,

But I’m every bit worthy of your penny,

Although in Canada and America I’m grown,

All over the world as a super food I’m known!!


I grow on low vines that have slender stems,

With evergreen leaves, in hundreds not tens,

Dark pink are my flowers; I am white when unripe,

I turn deep red when I’m fully ripe.


I’m harvested in fall when I turn deep red,

To cut me easily, with water is flooded my bed,

I’m then eaten fresh or sweetened and dried,

Or processed as a jam or sauce to be sold worldwide.


In four large pockets are my very tiny seeds,

My juicy pulp is more tart than sweet,

To reduce my tartness I’m blended with other juices,

Not just culinary, I have many other uses.


I’m much used as a fabric and food dye,

For treating kidney problems, on me you can rely,

I fight deadly diseases and make your skin glow,

What is my name? From you I’d like to know!


You’re a cranberry, to you we can never say ‘no’!

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