Crocodile Rhymes

Crocodile rhyme & video for children to learn about crocodiles. Watch this lovely kids’ rhyme on crocodiles.Crocodiles are perhaps one of the few reptiles that could give an insight into the life dinosaurs that rocked this world once upon a time… They can live in salt water just as well as they do in fresh water. Watch this song to know more about this amazing creature.

I’m a crocodile, anything but docile,

I live in lakes and rivers including the Nile,

Also found in salt water,

Very dangerous and hostile.

Resembling a big lizard, an aquatic reptile!


I’ve a long snout shaped ‘V’,

And jaws with strong teeth,

My bite’s the strongest,

On my prey like lightening I leap.

I live and hunt in water,

And on land where I creep,

When I devour my prey, crocodile tears I weep!


I’m covered with scales, many thick scales,

I swim and float with the help of my feet and a long tail.

I’m so still in water, to spot me you may fail,

So well camouflaged on land,

My attack’s never in vain!


Our group’s a float or bask,

In the sun together we bask.

Our females lay eggs in nests,

Guarding them is a task.

We hunt animals in daylight,

As well as in the dark,

Visit my cousins the alligators and me in the park!

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