Cucumber – Vegetable Rhyme

It’s such a refreshing vegetable… There are special minty drinks made of it too! It cools your head off like no other vegetable and it’s super-rich in minerals.

I’m a cucumber that’s really cool,

Sometimes round but tubular as a rule.

Most of me is water, to beat the heat I’m a boon,

Hydrate yourself with me at home or at school!


I belong to the gourd family,

I grow from flowers on climbers, not on trees.

I’ve a green or yellow skin that you may or may not eat,

My flesh is crisp with tiny, edible seeds.


In salads and sandwiches I’m nibbled,

But I’m also had stewed and pickled,

Vitamin K, fiber, minerals are found in me,

Have me to be a cool cucumber like me.

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