Date Fruit – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Date fruit locks in all nutrients you need. It’s incredible for a palm that grows in oasis with extreme temperatures. You just have to add it to your diet. It goes well with a bowl of cereal just as it does with in a nice sweet dish. Here is a song that tells you all that more.

On the banks of river Nile, I was first seen,

Giving barren deserts of Egypt a touch of green,

I’m a staple food of the Arabs; a symbol of health,

In the Middle East I am a great source of wealth.

On the top of palm trees, in thousands I hang down,

From big flower clusters with these forming a crown,

I’m a cylindrical berry with a stone like seed,

Surrounded by a thick fleshy pulp that’s very sweet!


I’m eaten fresh or dried; all over the world I’m sold,

I’m mixed with nuts and dry fruits, then into sweets I’m rolled,

Snacks topped with my sauce you simply cannot resist,

Among all health foods, my place is on top of the list!


Most of my weight is sugar but I’m high in fiber,

Eat me in plenty to be strong as a tiger,

I have vitamin A, C, B6 and B2,

I am rich in Potassium and Magnesium too.


In color I’m yellow, red or a deep brown,

In a wide range of qualities I’m found,

Very useful is every part of my tree,

Name me; I am quite a favorite you’d agree.



You’re a date fruit, a powerhouse of energy!



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