Dog – Animal Rhyme

Dogs are the best friends you can ever ask for. They never hesitate to show you how much they love you! They tug on your sleeves, they curl up around you, drag you outside to play, and they are the world’s best wake up alarm… They have a special way of waking you up! Watch this song with your puppy-dog!

A man’s very best friend, the most loving of all,

Always happy to help and serve,

And fetch the stick or ball.


I am the loyal dog, very quick to learn new tricks.

When happy, I wag my tail, jump all over you and lick!


I have very strong teeth and a sharp sense of smell,

I bite and bark on thieves, your house I guard very well!


I am not just a pet, I play many roles.

I hunt and herd and help the police and pull heavy loads.


A Pug or Pomeranian, a Dalmatian or any breed,

My pups are most adorable and cuddlesome indeed!


I love to bite on bones, eat everything you eat,

I so love to be fondled, why are you afraid of me?

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