Domestic helper – Rhymes on Profession

Domestic helps or domestic service providers are those who specialize in making your chores a breeze. What takes you hours to finish, takes them less than a few minutes! They deliver their services at homes, schools, offices, you name it! Here is a song that will tell you all about their job!

I’m the hard-working domestic help.

Without me life is tough, I can tell.


I slog all day to make your work light,

To give you time off your schedules so tight!




I wash, iron and scrub, I mop, sweep and dust,

I work longer, whenever I must!


In very little time, I clear all clutter,

When I take leave,I cause quite a flutter!




I drop children to school, I help them dress,

It is because of me, mothers get time to rest!

When I sit your baby sister or brother,

I’m an answered prayer for your mother!



I care for the elderly, the grocery I shop.

Sometimes for hours I work non-stop.

I help with the cooking and serving of food,

With my lively chat, I lift your mood!



Daily or weekly, I may work for you,

In fact I may even live with you!

I work in shops and offices too,

Where I always have plenty of work to do!




It pleases me when my good work is praised,

And of course when my wages are raised!




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