Dragon Fruit – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Scaly, pink on the outside, creamy, white and seedy inside… This fruit is surely something! It looks, feels and tastes exotic. Want to know more about it? Watch this song, scoop out good portion of the fruit, and enjoy!

I’m a fruit shaped like a rugby ball,

My bright pink colour will leave you enthralled,

My leathery skin with soft leafy scales,

Will remind you of dragons in tales!


I’m as amazing as can be,

I grow on a cactus and not a tree,

From a flower that lives just one night,

And is pollinated before daylight!


My soft white pulp is mildly sweet,

It’s packed with countless tiny black seeds,

Slice me into two; hold me like a bowl,

Then scoop and eat my pulp whole!


Have me for healthy blood, bones and teeth,

And so that better you may breathe,

For my fibre, fats and protein,

Minerals and vitamins umpteen!


Have me raw in salads and shakes,

Have me cooked in puddings and cakes,

In every form I lift your mood,

What’s my name? I am great food!


You’re a pitaya or dragonfruit!


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