Drumstick – Vegetable Rhyme

Drumsticks are pulpy vegetables and they make great sauces. Try them in a typical South Indian Sambar… They’re mouth-watering for sure!

I’m the thin and long drumstick,

And look very much like a drumstick,

But please don’t play drums with me,

Or snap into two, you will see me!


I’m also called Moringa,

I’m native to Asia,

I am also consumed in Africa,

And Central and South America!


I hang down from evergreen trees,

That prefer a climate that’s frost-free,

From cream-white flowers I grow,

To grow me, my dried seeds you can sow!


My pod is full of pulp and seeds,

That tastes delicious in stews indeed!

With lentils I taste simply great,

Other vegetables too are my mates!


I am highly medicinal,

A powerhouse of vitamins, minerals,

My leaves are full of nutrients as well,

My benefits are too many to tell!

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