Electrician – Rhymes on Profession

Electricians drive away darkness and bring light, they make a hot place cool, and cold place warm, they basically help your run just about anything (any appliance) you might need everyday… All with that magic tool box that they carry around. Now, here is a song that tells you all about their day at work!

I am an electrician,

 I work with electricity,

I am needed, in every place,

Be it a village or city!



Electrical things of all kinds,

For you I install,

Fans and lamps, bells and speakers,

And television on the wall!



Circuits, meters, switches and plugs,

And electrical wires,

I fix these and maintain them,

Preventing shocks and fires!!



A drill and screws, a screwdriver,

A voltage tester pen,

Are some tools that you may know,

But I use more than ten!



Electricity is a good servant,

But a bad master too,

So while using electrical stuff,

The safety rules you must stick to!



Electricity is a treasure,

Save it as much as you can,

When not in use, always turn off,

Every switch, light and fan!!



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