Elephant Rhymes, Elephant Animal Rhymes Videos for children

Elephant Animal Rhymes & Videos for children to learn about Elephant animal. Watch this lovely rhyme on Elephant. This song on elephant is bound to enchant you! Did you know that this keystone species is one of the MOST intelligent and sensitive on planet earth?

I’m an elephant so huge and strong,

I could scare any creature away.

I may be wild but I am domestic too,

And help man in many a way!


I have sparse, tiny hair on my skin that’s grey,

I’ve a long, muscular trunk,

I’ve a tail that’s rather thin and long,

My legs are like tree trunks!


I have two very tiny eyes but,

My ears are flat and big,

I’ve a pair of ivory tusks that I use,

As a weapon or a tool to dig.


With my trunk I breathe, smell and feel,

Push and pull with great power,

I lift and pluck and grip and greet,

And enjoy a good shower!


I feed on tender twigs of trees,

On grass and roots and fruits,

I call by trumpeting aloud,

My calves are so very cute!


I live where there’s water in plenty,

I have a great memory,

To have my precious tusks for money,

Please don’t kill me cruelly!


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