Fig Fruit Rhyme for Children, Fig Cartoon Fruits Song for Kids

Learn about Fig fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Fig cartoon fruits song for kids. Figs are fruits that go well with just about any dry fruit or nut! Try having it with cashews, it’s simply fantastic.

I come from the countries in the Middle East,

Dried or fresh, I make a great feast,

With a green or violet skin, shaped like a bulb,

With crisp, edible seeds and a red, sweet pulp.


On bushy trees I grow in many bunches,

Widespread and broad are their branches,

The roots are spread out and close to the ground,

In sunny and dry places, my trees are found!


My fibre and minerals are great for your health,

For the heart and weight, I’m a great help,

I taste great in shakes and cakes, ice-creams and pies,

I am mentioned in the bible, what fruit am I?

Chorus :  You’re a fig and we love you, fresh or dry!!

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