Fruit Rhymes – Ultra HD (4K) Best Collection of Rhymes for Children in English

00.00 Blueberry
Round, smooth, sweet and sour. You’ll find them in muffins and tarts and squashes. Nice and blue. Blueberries are great for you! Watch this rhyme!
01.56 Grapefruit
Citrus and tangy, grapefruit is something you just cannot pass. There is so much of goodness stored in them. Now it’s time to learn about this amazing fruit!
04.05 Passion Fruit
All creamy and juicy passion fruit is a great source of energy. Boost yourself with all its goodness. Listen to this song that tells you things you ought to know about it.
06.55 Cherry
Cherry is a fruit that makes all food special. It’s on top! It’s tempting and inviting…Yum! Watch this song on the fruit and you’ll agree.
08.14 Cranberry
Cranberry is one of the most tart fruits out there. A deep red that rivals other fruits… Have it baked in pies or in salads! Remember to listen to the song first.
10.24 Apricot
Apricots are rich in all goodness… All you need to do is grab one and see how it crunches in and streams into your body.
12.49 Mulberry
Mulberry is a fruit that triggers off a song that just won’t stop playing in your head… Now, here is a song that teaches you things you need to know about the fruit
15.06 Coconut
Coconut, is a fruit that quenches your thirst in tropical beaches… Sun set or sun rise it’s magical to see the light through those lovely palms… This song tells you how good they are.
17.32 Starfruit
A starfruit! Cut across in half, and you’ll know where the fruit gets its name from. Crunch and munch into a few. You can also learn a few facts from the song.
19.34 Avocado
Avocado there’s so much this fruit has to offer. There are so many dips you can make with the fruit… Play this song and learn all about this fruit.

21.21 Raspberry
Raspberries make great sauces, jams and jellies. They are all yummy! Now, let’s play this song to see what more you ought to learn about them.
23.32 Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit looks vibrant… Pitaya is it’s other name. Check out what a super fruit it is, and listen to this song.
25.32 Rambutan
Pink and hairy, softy and pulpy. Here is rambutan in all its glory. Play this song, and learn all about it!
27.56 Jambul
Purple to almost black, jambul is a fruit you just can’t resist. It’s tangy and sweet and does wonders for your health.
27.58 Litchi
Thanks to the Chinese, we’ve got litchi. This is an absolute delight. Go on play this song and learn all about it!
32.16 Cashew Apple
Cashew apple is where the nut most loved nut comes from. It has some amazing nutrients locked in. Listen to this song and you’ll know.
34.36 Gooseberry
Gooseberry helps you fight all sorts of diseases. Listen to this song to know what else it does for you!
36.47 Cantaloupe
Scoop, scoop, scoop oodles of this one. It’s a pulpy and mild fruit. It rehydrates you as you boosts you up with energy.
38.24 Date Fruit
Rich in iron and all kinds of minerals. This sweet treat grows in the deserts. Date fruit is a symbol of health. Listen to this song to find out more!
41.00 Rose Apple
Rose apple tastes as delicate as it sounds. It has one noisy seed inside… Here is a song that tells you all you need to know about it!

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