Gardener – Rhymes on Profession

Gardeners have a way with creating little patches of heaven called garden. Meadows, parks, and your backyards look beautiful because of the hard work that they put in. Here is a song that tells you all about how they work with their green fingers, to create a truly astounding environment.

See me in your garden every other day.

With plants indeed, I have a way.

A gardener is what they call me.

I know all about plants from a to z!



I manicure gardens, and add to their beauty.

With love and passion, I do my duty.

All kinds of seasonal flowers I grow.

That simply take away your breath I know!



I dig, mix and mulch the soil with zest.


I spray pesticides to keep away the pests.

With the right compost, the soil I nourish,

I know just how to make my plants flourish!

I make your lawn look lush and green.

The bushes too, I regularly preen.

I make it look like a pretty picture,

I make your life joyful and richer!





I may grow fruits in your garden too,

And vegetables and herbs for delicious stew,

My tools are a rake, a sickle and hoe,


A spade, a fork, a trowel and many more!





I’m indeed the one with green fingers,

With my beloved plants all day I linger,

I sing to them, I talk to them,

To me every plant is a precious gem!

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