Gooseberry – Fruit Rhyme

Gooseberry is for those who love that extra punch in their food. They come with such goodness. You will never ever have to worry about falling sick. Have bowls of this fruit and you’ll just love it.
Play this song and be prepared to be blown away by the facts.

I’m a berry that grows

On shrubs with thorny spines,

In places with a cool weather,

And plenty of sunshine,

Whether American,

Or European my origin,

By eating me you’ll benefit in many ways;

Of that I am certain!


I’m mostly firm, round, ribbed,

Translucent, yellow-green,

But in types red, black, oval,

pear-shaped, elongated too I’m seen,

I come in ever so

Many varieties,

Wild, cultivated, sour, sweet;

Your taste buds I’m sure to please!


I have a translucent skin

That’s smooth or hairy,

I’m filled with crunchy edible seeds

In a juicy pulp like other berries,

I’m packed with

Loads and loads of vitamin c,

I have fiber, some vital vitamins

And minerals too in me!


Mouth watering are my jams,

Juices, pickles and stews

I protect you from many

Deadly diseases attacking you,

My cousin the Indian gooseberry

Is very medicinal too,

Tell me my name now

That I have given you a good clue!


You’re called a gooseberry

although with a goose you have nothing to do.

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