Gorilla – Animal Rhymes in Ultra HD (4K)

A great ape, a primate, our cousin! A gorilla is almost human. They are so much like us in the way they speak and the way they live. It’s time to take care of them and see that their homes are intact… Here is a song that gives you facts about their family and everything else.

I am the great ape, gorilla,

I am mighty, and I can climb far.

I am one of the big primates;

I ‘belch’ to communicate.


You’ll find me up in the mountains,

And also in lowlands for certain.

I make little beds with leaves,

Or rest high up on the trees.


I am a great omnivore,

I find plants and meat on the forest floor.

I eat as much plants as I can

I go for it and I grab!


My young ones are called infants

They’re all very intelligent.

I do what I can as a parent,

I’m with them every moment.


I live to be about forty years;

I roam wild and free all those years.

The Western and Eastern species

We vary ever so slightly.


My family lives in big groups,

They are called gorilla troupes.

I’m closer to humans than monkeys;

I don’t have a tail you’ll see.


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