Grape fruit – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Grapefruits! Sour and tangy is the new delicious. You know what the fruit comes loaded with? Vitamin C. You’ll always stay strong, and fight germs that fly around to get you… There is your repellent against a germ-attack. Listen to this song and learn more about this glorious fruit!

I’m a citrus fruit through and through,
And with grapes I have nothing to do,
But as in clusters I hang down from my tree,
I’m named after them although you may disagree.


Between a pomelo and an orange I’m a cross,
From white flowers I grow; my leaves have a lovely gloss,
I was born three hundred years ago as an accident,
Or perhaps as an experiment!


I look quite like a big orange,
My rind is yellow or yellow-orange,
My pink or yellow pulp is sour or sweet,
It’s packed in tiny bags filled in segments with a seed.


With other fruits juices I blend well,
I’m loved in salads and sweets, as well,
But with medicines, unsafe is my combination,
You must avoid me when on medication!


My plentiful water fights dehydration,
My plentiful fiber prevents constipation,
Many infections are fought by my Vitamin C,
I have plenty of Vitamin A too, please name me!


You are a grapefruit, so very lovely!


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