Grapes Fruit Rhyme for Children, Grapes Cartoon Fruits Song for Kids

Learn about juicy Grapes fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Grapes cartoon fruits song for kids. Sweet, sour or tangy grapes are one of nature’s best known mineral and vitamin sources. This song would make you crave for a bunch of it!

We are small and round, in clusters we grow,

We hang down from vines high and low,

Our skin is purple, red or greenish yellow,

We are with or without seeds you know.


We have a thin skin that can be eaten,

We can be dried into raisins,

Our juices and jams and jellies will make you grin,

Eat us fresh and not from a tin.


We’ve lots of sugar to energize you,

We’re mostly sweet but a little sour too,

Our seeds give you oil and are eaten too,

Tell us who we are, will you?

Chorus : You are grapes and we love you!!

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