Grizzly Bear – Animal Rhymes in Ultra HD (4K)

Here is a grizzly all set to take you to his world. He sleeps for one quarter of a year and spends the rest eating his weight in salmon. He’s called brown bear in most parts of the world… Here is a song that tells you all about their yearly rituals.

I’m a grizzly bear;

I have fuzzy hair.

I roar and growl,

I snarl and scowl,


I can be loud, I swear!


I’m a famous star

In North America

I dig my  den,

It’s where I spend


To slouch and sprawl afar .


I’m an omnivore;

I eat meat, fruits, nuts and more.

I go to sleep,

For weeks and weeks


When it snows, I snooze and snore.


I live up to twenty five years;

In spring, I always appear;

It’s the season

When there’s lots of salmon,


My friends and I hunt with cheer.


My babies are called cubs;

They nuzzle their nose and rub.

They’re fuzzy and muzzy,

As they can be,


They’re known for their bear hugs.


My group is a congregation;

We hunt with great patience;

Our brown coats have white tips,

They look quite stiff.


We get together on occasions.

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